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Volunteering supports your community; it can also help to:

Lots of people of all ages and interests want to help but find the process a little bit daunting. Who can I help? What experience do I need? How do I make contact?  Will I enjoy the work?

Questions like these are all important in the quest to find what’s best for you and the charity you want to help. That’s why this new service has been established here in Harpenden with the backing of over 20 local charities.  These voluntary organisations cover a wide spectrum of activity offering volunteers the opportunity to use many different skills in varying locations with flexible hours and seasonal or regular opportunities to suit your availability.

How your help can make a difference

All our participating organisations are listed on our web site with details of how they operate and who they need to help them. Information is updated frequently with news of their events and campaigns. All to give you an idea of how your help can make a difference serving the community.

Volunteering made easy

Now you can save time and effort by approaching us to find a solution to becoming a volunteer. Just go to the web site below and explore all the exciting opportunities.

Thinking of becoming a Volunteer in Harpenden but not sure of how to go about it?

Simple click here and you will go to the listing page where the participating organisations give details of what they do and what opportunities are available. Have a read about the ones that you think you would like to work with and then make contact as directed.

How to use the site

“Harpenden Town Council is proud to support “Volunteer for Harpenden” which does so much to promote volunteering in the Town.  I admire all the hard work volunteers put in every day to help their community, and as a Trustee of The Daylight Club here in Harpenden, I can really appreciate how vital they are to the successful running of so many local organisations.  Our volunteers do an excellent job and our Town is a much better place to live in and enjoy thanks to their commitment.

Volunteer for Harpenden plays a key part in bringing skills and enthusiasm together and makes a real difference to people and clubs in Harpenden.”

A message from Mayor Nicola Linacre

For additional volunteering opportunities in the St Albans district look at the Centre Voluntary Services (CVS) website.

For more information on CVS and to see the dates when CVS will be at Harpenden Library click here

Calling all Volunteers

At a meeting convened by The Harpenden Society on January 28, for the Volunteer for Harpenden (V4H) organisation, representatives from numerous local organisations, reliant for their continuing activity on volunteer helpers, came together with existing and potentially new volunteers.   

As Society chairman Chris Marsden explained, a key aim of the meeting was to bring to the notice of a wider cross-section of Harpenden residents the enormous amount of volunteer work already undertaken in the town and the correspondingly wide range of volunteering opportunities for those with time to spare.

Among the forty or so people attending were representatives from Harpenden Parents Group, the Local History Society, the Samaritans, Harpenden Helping Hand, the Harpenden Trust, Neighbourhood Watch, The Scouts, Mencap, the Friends of the Nickey Line, the Daylight Group and  Harpenden Spotlight on Africa.

During a fruitful inter-active discussion, there was a chance for organisations to spell out the needs that could be met by new volunteers. Volunteers were then able to ask wide ranging questions about the demands of the work and skills needed.

In conclusion the V4H web site was highlighted at the focal point of contact for both volunteers and local organisations.

Volunteer For Harpenden is funded from a Locality Budget Grant from County Councillor Teresa Heritage and courtesy of Hertfordshire County Council

Centre Voluntary Services

Pop Up News

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Hertfordshire launches Year of Volunteering

The Hertfordshire Year of Volunteering was launched at the County Show.  Check out the website and join the social media campaign by tuning into Herts County Council’s twitter and Facebook pages, where they’ll be sharing many of the inspiring stories from dedicated volunteers. 

The V4H committee & funding partner Cllr Teresa Heritage. From L to R: Ron Taylor, Teresa Heritage, Bob Fletcher, Mary Maynard, Chris Marsden, David Abernethy

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